Your Hair Doesn’t Have To Be Permanently Damaged

After servicing clients for over 24 years, we discovered essential elements to maintaining hair. However, in recent years we learned the nucleus in creating healthy hair. Biochemistry and botanicals have led us to address the core issues to keep hair at its optimum resiliency. We discovered that is healthy hair doesn’t need a lot of products compared to hair that is compromised and damaged. Traditional conditioners coat the hair strand to correct the damaged hair. This left our clients with Lack luster hair, excessive shedding, breakage and color fadage . When hair gets damage from hot tools, color, bleach, relaxers and straightening treatments the cortex which resides within the poly peptide keratin chain becomes depleted of moisture. The hair to loses its elasticity, shine, curl pattern and body. The solution is to start off with a clean canvas. Clean hair is a necessity in making sure there is no buildup hinder or the absorption phase when using your conditioner. This why we created PBond Nourishing Shampoo which does a deep clean but provides nourishment, hydration and strength with its natural active ingredients.

This prepares the way for the conditioner to penetrate deep within the polypeptide chain to renew and strengthen the hair strand from the insides out. Follow up with PBond Intensity Treatment is a patented formula that provides deep penetration into the cortex to create new hydrogen and ionic bonds which brings new vitality to the damaged internal keratin structure. Reforming and Rebonding Bonds within the cortex providing manageability back into the hair. PBond Intensity heals and repairs the damage bonds in the hair strand which is responsible for hair strength and elasticity. Restoring bounce, curls, softness, smoothness and natural shine. Simplicity is the key to restoring hair back to life by having a haircare system that delivers consistent results.

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