Paul Chambers

Principle | Colorist

In 23 years, innovation, education, product development, and culture have been the fuel and makeup of Nationally Certified Colorist Paul Chambers, co-owner of The Paul Chambers Salon. Paul Chamber’s passionate involvement in the salon industry has led him to develop and launch the Paul Chambers International Hair Care Line that caters to his large, diverse multi-ethnic following from around the world. His work Cut and Colorwork has been published and seen in consumers and industry magazines nationally and internationally!

Paul Chambers Pic
Wendy Chambers of Paul Chambers Salon

Wendy Chambers

Master Stylist

Wendy Chambers, co-owner of Paul Chambers Salon, has devoted more than 30 years to the industry, bringing a vast amount of knowledge, style, and experience in hairdressing and hair care. It has also kept her in high demand with a following of loyal clients who rave about her services. Wendy’s reputation as a short hair specialist has made her one of the most sought-after stylists in the City of Chicago!

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