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Paul Chambers Salon comprises of highly skilled and experienced Stylists that can dramatically transform the way your hair looks and feels. Their in-depth Consultation “ Tell me about your hair” has been the key to helping customers discover and experiencing their best head of hair. No one at our salon based on the products and services we offer feel excluded due to their hair type or ethnicity.

The perfect cut can take your look to the next level! Our team believes a great haircut is more than a few inches taken off. The stylists take the time to know you, your hair, your lifestyle and see what you haven’t seen before so they can bring out the best version of yourself. Its about shape, movement and the final look that gives a stunning appearance, even when its not styled. We think. like fashion designers and work like tailors to at the Paul Chambers Salon This ensures our techniques and design concepts will personalize your cut with different styling options.

Upon Consultation, we prep the hair with our exclusive P-Bond Hair Care Line. Starting with a wash and conditioning to allow the hair to be unhindered from dirt, product buildup and oils. This allows the hair to open to its natural texture and movement. Once the hair is clean then we can choose the best cutting techniques and angles for your hair type and thickness. The experience in getting your haircut at Paul Chambers Salon is something your won’t ever forget.

Cut and Style
Wash and wear
Afro cut

We know hair color only because we are well trained in all Hair types, formulation, Culture, and Technique.

Our team of expert hair colorists believes healthy hair reflects hair color in its true tonality and brilliance. This is why we invested in our P/Bond Hair Care System that will support our array of color and Highlighting services for chemically and non-chemically treated hair by controlling porosity, ensuring moisture strength and natural shine for beautiful long-lasting color.

Trend color is only useful when it’s personalized and applied by a trained hair colorist. Consultation plays a crucial role in preparation for a beautiful, stunning head of color. We assess prior color history, conditions of hair, skin type and lifestyle. We then proceed to visually show color tones, color placement and explain the type of color (demi, Permanent, Lightner) that will be needed to achieve our final look.!

If your are looking for a Colorist who understands the Art & Science of hair in creating beautiful color and healthy hair .Then the Paul Chambers Salon is the place for you!

One Process Color
Full highlight: upon consultation
Partial highlight: upon consultation
Color correction: upon consultation
Vivid colors: upon consultation

Paul Chamber Salon takes great pride in their signature blowout that is designed to restore or maintain healthy hair. Whether it’s a part of your weekly beauty regimen , occasional indulgence or styling for a special occasion , they are experienced and trained to transform your hair , making them one of the top blowout salons in Chicago The P/Bond hair care line plays an important role in preparing the hair for volume , and smoothness giving longevity to your blowout.

Blow out Process the Team quickly starts with P-Bond Nourishing shampoo for all hair types Our shampoo cleanses the hair and nourishes the ends. After the hair is cleansed and conditioned, they apply their weightless P/Bond Nutra H2 moisture leave-in to infuse optimum hydration from the inside out of the hair. This ensures longevity and holds to the blow style. We finish with brush control techniques that leave the hair flowing with maximum bounce and shine.

Come experience what your hair craves for body, shine and frizz free.

Natural textured hair starts at
Shampoo & Flat Iron
Shampoo & Style
Shampoo & Upstyle

ALL of our wash and wear looks start with clean hair. We start by using NouriShing Shampoo to get rid of the silicones, oils, and product buildup that block moisture to the hair. This first step unlocks the freedom of the curls to spring back into their organic state and nourishes the hair from roots to ends. Next, we use our ReNou Conditioner to optimize your moisture balance addressing porosity issues and building water bonds inside the strand.  This gives the hair true moisturization from the inside out keeping your strands smooth, soft and detangled.

We captured your natural curl pattern using our weightless Nutra H2 Moisture Leave in that ignites lots of definition to curls, coils and wavy hair! Finally, layer with our Curls and Coils Milk Styling Gel to add a soft shine and more hydration that protects against frizz in humid climates. Simple yet amazing way to create styling versatility without stressing your hair.

Virgin texturizer: upon consultation
Touch up texturizer: upon consultation
Corrective texturizer: upon consultation

This service is for both women and men who want to embrace their natural texture but want more freedom and versatility in styles that they can wear. Its innovative technique that loosens the curl pattern for more soft and manageable hair.

Paul Chambers Salon uses a specific mild relaxer that preserves more strength in the hair than conventional relaxers so they maintain the integrity of the hair. It is applied off the scalp using a non-smoothing technique in sectional sequence to avoid over- processing and timing to ensure consistency of curl texture throughout the hair. After the shampoo and conditioning process, we use our P-Bond Intensity treatment. This treatment stays in the hair up to 5 washes promoting hair growth and natural shine . It also protects the hair from post chemical breakage.

Afro Textured hair and kinky curly hair types may need some of the natural texture of the hair curl pattern relaxed for more versatility of style. The versatility of wearing straighter styles by making it easier to blow dry or wet set your hair as often as you choose. We assess the texture of the hair to see what strength of relaxer to use and technique so that we can maintain the integrity of your hair. We use top of the line professional relaxers infused with a conditioning complex to suit what we are trying to accomplish in terms of health and condition of the hair.

We use a off the scalp relaxer technique applied on new growth or virgin hair from root to ends to prevent scalp irritations and burns. Our goal is to attain the best possible results for our clients with the least amount of potential harm or injury to the hair follicle.

We follow up with our formulated P-Bond hair care system that is infused with a healing botanical extracts to bring the pH levels down. This decreases breakage but adds elasticity and body back into hair again. Our mission is to ensure a desired relaxed curl pattern that looks smooth with shine and bounce. Book now for your consultation.

Virgin Relaxer
Touch Up Relaxer
Partial Relaxer
Additional for Semi Color

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