Blonds Need Moisture Too

Gaining the correct knowledge is paramount now days. That’s why Paul Chambers Salon collaborates with clients to ensure they know exactly what they need to sustain their color services. We know once the client has left the salon, they need the assurance and support in knowing that their color treated hair will thrive not just survive.

What is moisture … its simply imparting water bonds which is hydration deep within the cell membrane of the hair. Sounds easy but hard to attain if you can’t find the right products or colorist who knows the process of successfully controlling the porosity. Yes, porosity is escalated by alkaline services such as bleaching & toning . All Bleach & Coloring services need hydrogen peroxide to activate the dye molecules to be deposited into the hair. However, peroxide can damage hair by pushing the ph. of the hair very high (13.0) so there is a change to the desired color. This is where damage occurs in the process swelling the cuticle to 20% – 40% range causing dryness, brittleness, breakage, tangles, discoloration and unmanageability. Unfortunately, most conditioners on the market today are oil based which can’t effectively reduce porous hair, but only temporarily coat and hide the damage symptoms for a short duration of time. Therefore, we created our P/Bond Intensity Treatment which dramatically reduces and restore hair back to its natural ph. balance (5.5) for softness and rebuilds the keratin bond structure for movement and body in the hair. So, your hair is almost restored back to its virgin state but is sustained by the infusion of water bonds within the hair shaft. Giving the hair longer lasting shine, color and easier styling. Maintaining blond hair couldn’t be easier!”

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