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The Art of Healthy Hair

Many Hair Colorists and Stylists throughout the US and Europe have been taught that vitamins,oils and moisturizing proteins is the antidote in combating breakage and dry hair ! We have discovered this only compounds the problem for many clients, giving them dry oily hair that sheds.Our philosophy in controlling porous hair is to use liquid acidic moisturizing products that will deeply penetrate the hair shaft restoring the hair back into its proper ph balance. This will infuse strength, shine and body to the hair. It will also make it t easier for clients to maintain hairstyles in between their next visit to the salon.When using products that have coating agents to correct porosity in hair will generally see a progressive thinning of the hair, shedding, and constant dryness because it blocks moisture from coming into the hairshaft . To correct these symptoms we need to use shampoo’s with high quality sulfates to remove build up than follow up with a low acidic water based conditioner’s to soften, moisturize and add natural shine to the hair. For more information click on our product tab or call our salon @ 312 -922- 3560

Corrective Hair Care

Great hair doesn’t happen by accident it’s done intentionally by using professional hair care products that not only address the moisture issue but also retain optimum levels of moisture in hair shaft that greatly reduce dryness The Paul Chambers International Hair Care is a moisture complex and styling system that addresses these common problematic symptoms Without the aid of silicones,oils or waxes being reintroduced in to the hair once its removed . For infomation call our salon at 312 -992 3560 or click on our product tap to see what might work for you.