This service is for both men & women who want to embrace and keep their natural texture but want more manageability and versatility in styles they can wear. How this is done? We use a specific mild relaxer that preserves more strength in the hair compared to conventional relaxers so we can maintain the integrity of the hair it is applied off the scalp using nonsmoothing technique in sectional sequence to avoid over processing along with timing to ensure consistency of texture throughout the hair.  This technique softens, loosens and enhances the natural texture to its desired look without straightening the hair.  The process of maintaining this look isn’t complete without the use of high-performance hair care products.

Our Exclusive International Hair Care Line instantly brings porous hair back to its normal state. It restores strength, builds moisture and natural shine back into the hair.  The next is we begin the process of teaching you how to use and maintain your new hair and look using our unique water base finishing line to ensure your hair feels and looks it’s best … From the Gym to The Boardroom!

Our trained specialists require a thorough consultation to see if the client is a candidate for this specialized service.


Virgin Texturizer: $100+
Touch up Texturizer: $90+


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