Reflective Shine Drops 2oz

creates incredible natural shine for all hair types including highlighted, bleached & color treated hair.

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We needed a multifaceted oil for dry hair that could be used in a variety of applications for the services Paul Chambers Salon provides. Reflective shine Drops is the first hair oil of its kind — it’s been formulated to hydrate both skin and hair!

• Multifaceted hair oil treatment for blowing drying clients with very dry ends

• Ideal for flat iron work when smoothing or curling hair

• Formulated to moisturize and revitalize both hair and skin

• Extremely light oil that delivers glistening shine without losing volume or movement

We didn’t think we needed another oil product because there are so many oils that promise moisture, growth and lasting shine! Our blend of products creates natural shine once the hair shampooed and realigned with our conditioning treatment. When we needed added shine we use Be Smooth or Ultra-Light styling mousse in our styling arsenal.

However, our clients are the shareholders of our company and their voice was heard. We didn’t want just the status-quo of shine that all oils and silicone’s produce. Excellent for adding the finishing touch by squeezing a few drops in your hands to emulsify and run it through your hair for a light brilliant finish. Reflective Shine Drops can also be applied to the lips before you apply makeup to ensure the lips stay moist after you apply the lipstick!

Yes, our high standards were met with oil that is skin care product that benefits the hair! This extremely light, but powerful, hair oil delivers glistening shine without losing volume and movement to the hair. High-performance is what best describes Reflective Shine Drops, as it doesn’t create oiliness, product buildup, or superficial glossiness to the finished hairstyle. We’ve formulated one of the best hair oils for dry hair because the product mimics the natural sebum that our scalp produces. Reflective Shine Drops is the answer to the natural looking shine with skincare properties that won’t dehydrate your hair!

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