Refine Curl Gel 8oz

Tames Frizz moisturizes wavy and curly hair. This nondrying water based gel immediately activates and re-activates waves and curl and coils. No flaking or stickiness. Your curls will stay soft and defined

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Refine Curl Gel is a one of a kind curl gel for the clients who are looking to enhance their wavy or curly texture without the tackiness that attracts dust  to the hair.

• This unique water gel will help to add shine and body

• Ideal for texturized hair, curly permed styles, wash-and-go hair, and naturally curly hair

•  Refine curl gel instantly revitalize, re moisturize and softens hair on contact with the hair

• Paul Chambers Salon’s choice as the best gel for curly hair

We cannot emphasize enough that moisture — not oil — is the key to great-looking soft styles. Unlike moisturizing creams and butters, Refine Curl Gel instantly revitalizes, re-moisturizes and softens hair on contact with the hair. Our hair curl gel is water soluble, very easy to wash out completely with one wash, and there’s never any worry about product buildup, especially if you wash with our Perfect Shampoo! One of the best products for wavy hair, Refine Curl Gel was meticulously formulated to be weightless so that curls would be movable and touchable. This hair product for curly hair is a go-to for curls if you are looking for instant moisture and increase softness and elasticity in the hair. Get yours today!

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