React Hydrating Mist 8oz

True water based moisturizer conditioner that provides deep weightless moisturization that completely absorbs into the hair .Quickly replenishes moisture loss due to blow drying, chemicals and flat Ironing work

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React Hydrating Mist is more than just a styling product — it’s a revolutionary deep-water base moisturizer! One of the best hair moisturizers ever made, Paul Chambers is thrilled to offer React Hydrating Mist.

• Enhance curly or wavy hair into beautiful wash-and-go hair!

• Remains in your hair throughout the day without the oiliness or heaviness

• Quickly replenish moisture loss while avoiding that puffy dull and dry-looking hair

• Can be “cocktailed” with Refined Curl Gel for optimum moisture levels

Just spray into the hair and instantly it will enhance curly wavy hair into beautiful wash and go hair!  This around the clock conditioning will help mend split ends as well as bring hair back to its natural vitality. No more lackluster hair that lacks shine by using React Hydrating spray you can quickly replenish moisture loss avoiding puffy dull and dry looking hair. This weightless moisture spray can be cocktailed with Refined curl gel to help build and maintain optimum moisture levels for wash-and-go styles along with texturized, curly, and curly-permed hair. It keeps the softness and movement to your hair the whole day through!


The wide range of uses of this hair-moisturizing wonder extends to makeup applications — after you complete your makeup, begin lightly misting from the React Hydrating spray for added moisture needed for natural looking makeup! Get yours from Paul Chambers Salon today!

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