Perfect Shampoo 8oz

Creates Clean Shiny Hair. It’s a clean mild shampoo that formulated for all hair types tinted, bleached, curly, relaxed or chemically processed hair. No fillers, waxes or silicones to coat or add weight to the hair

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Finally, after 23 years of using various shampoos, we nailed it by providing high quality sulfate-free shampoo that thoroughly cleans hair without stripping it! The Perfect Shampoo is here, and it’s at Paul Chambers Salon.

• Textured hair is revived, blond hair comes into brilliance, movement is restored and curly hair has its shine back.

• Highly concentrated non-sulfate shampoo that allows conditioners to combat frizz shedding and dry ends

• Gentle yet powerful — no irritation but you’ll be left with an irresistible shine!

• Formulated for both human and pet hair!

Our clients have always been our voice in what was needed in products and Perfect Shampoo delivers a clean head of hair every time. Without it, moisturizing conditioners can’t and will not deeply penetrate into the hair shaft to combat frizz, shedding, and dry ends! Perfect Shampoo is very concentrated and just a little will cause lather and bubbles on the hair, so a little bit goes a long way when using Perfect Shampoo. This shampoo without sulfate is so gentle, yet powerful, that some of our clients use it on their pets when giving them a bath. No irritation, but a shiny coat! The perfect shampoo is a win-win situation for you and your pets!

• Weight: .5 lbs

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Weight .5 lbs