Impact 8oz

Immediately deposits mega moisture deep within  the hair shaft  producing strength with a weightless shine eliminating dry tangled hair… helps hair retains moisture making it easier to style and manage

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Impact was formulated because we desperately needed to address the hair’s water bonds that have become dehydrated due to heating elements, humidity, high alkaline products, and chemicals; all of which can cause havoc on any hair type especially textured hair. Impact is a professional hair care product that provides immediate hydration!

• Formulated for immediate hydration, working within five minutes

• Functions as a leave-in to address frizz

• De-tangle your hair in a matter of five minutes with a moisture infusion

• Impact is truly a powerhouse for this generation of hair

Impact is specific in creating a moisture environment from the inside within the hair strand within 5 mins… you begin to feel the difference hair becomes de-tangled with smooth glide throughout the hair strand for soft touchable hair that moves. Impact was created for the client who needs immediate moisture gratification without having to sit under a dryer for 20 mins to work as a deep conditioning treatment on their hair.


This hydrating hair repair treatment product is also versatile as a leave-in to combat frizz. It doubles as a great styling product when using the flatiron (just put a pea size into your hand and emulsify apply on the area you what to flat iron). What you are doing is using the heat to push the moisture into the hair for added shine without use of using oils to weigh your hair down! Get yours today!

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